One of the all-time great summer experiences is horseback riding. It's one of the things kids dream about and adults look back on fondly

Imagine beautiful summer days spent not only riding horses, but learning about them too, while enjoying the sounds and smells of a working horse ranch in a small group setting.

We offer camps for beginner through intermediate riders that teach not only riding but feeding, maintenance and grooming as well. These camps are designed to develop and enhance, good horsemanship, confidence in, and consideration for our equine friends. Our lesson horses are thoroughly experienced well mannered, and suitable for riders of all levels.

Camp Activities:

Students will find out what it really means to own a horse. Including feeding and stall cleaning, haltering, grooming, hoof care, saddling, bridling, bathing and braiding mane and tails. Riding lessons at least 2 times daily. Afternoon classroom includes training on key topics, which every rider should know, and introduction to various styles and disciplines of riding. The final day, students will participate in a mini horse show to showcase the skills they learned during the week.

Camp dates

Kids Camp: ( ages 5 to 17; all levels.
8am - 4pm daily)

  • Summer Camps:
  • June 19th - 23rd
  • July 3rd - 7th
  • July 17th - 21st
  • Trail Camp: Intermediate and Advanced riders only
  • Aug 6th - 10th


All camps:

  • $350 a session
  • $175 for Half Day sessions (9am -12:30pm)

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The sessions are Tuesday through Saturday. On the last day of each camp session, campers will demonstrate their skills starting approximately 1 pm. Families are encouraged to attend the show and cheer their camper on. A free lunch will be provided that day beginning about noon for campers and their families, so come and enjoy the afternoon.

Register online!!


The goals you will work towards include horsemanship safety, ground handling, basic body positioning & alignment, grooming, saddling and mounting. Learn how to use the basic aids to control your horse. Body alignment, balance, and an independent seat are the building blocks.


May choose either Western or English Style riding. At these levels, you will learn more about natural aids. Then you will proceed with riding all three gaits, including trotting on diagonals, balance of horse and rider, school figures, correct leads and maneuvering around patterns. Working to improve communication skills, balance and body alignment. Intermediate to advanced students will also participate in teaching the beginning students, allowing these more advanced students to learn teaching and mentoring skills.

Whether you have never touched a horse before or are an intermediate to advanced rider, the instruction and activities at this camp will challenge and improve your riding skills. Safety skills in working with horses always in place. Participants will need to wear jeans or riding pants and boots with heels. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the first day to sign a participation waiver. An ASTM approved riding helmet is REQUIRED of all participants, however the ranch has several available for those who donít own a helmet. Drinks and snacks will be provided but each camper should bring their own lunch

Drinks and snacks will be provided but each camper should bring their own lunch.

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