Don’t replace - Repair!

We repair horse blankets, turnouts sheets and Nylon tack. Don’t waste money buying new when your old one can be restored for a fraction of the cost of new.

Item to be repaired: Cost:
Large Tears: $20.00 and up:
Small Tears or holes: $5.00 and up
Replace belly or leg straps: $12.00 per each
Replace Surcingle: $15.00
Front closure hardware: $10.00
Buckles: $2.00
Minimum Labor: $5.00

Blanket Laundering Service

Extend the life of your valuable equipment with annual washing.

We wash and dry turnouts, sheets, stable-blankets, saddle pads and Nylon tack. Re-waterproofing of turnouts is also available.

Item to be Laundered: Cost:
Blankets and Turnouts: $15.00
Sheet, Coolers, Liners: $10.00
Hoods: $8.00
Saddle Pads, Bareback pads: $6.00
Waterproofing: $10.00 additional per item

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